PIXEL’s Android apps are free and available by searching “ledpixelart” on Google Play. To download and share PIXEL content with fellow PIXEL users, join the Google+ Community called “PIXEL Content“.

QR Code Android App Category Description
gumball64 PIXEL: LED ART Animations The main app for PIXEL. Featuring animated GIFs and stills from Pixel Artists: Paul Robertson, Argyle, Pixel PileDriver, DaLK, Atnas, Kyu, and Metaru and camera feature  View app on PIXEL
editor64 pixeleditorqr PIXEL Editor Editor Create pixel art and send to PIXEL. Special thanks to RJ Marsan for making this wonderful pixel editor available.
video64 pixelvideoqr PIXEL Video Video Stream and record video from your camera phone
pixel_icon64 qr_pixelweather PIXEL Weather Weather Displays various animations corresponding to your weather forecast
breath64 qrcode-alcohol-detector PIXEL Alcohol Detector Alcohol Detetor Requires an external sensor and cable. For novelty use only (no BAC output)
icon qr_message PIXEL Scrolling Text Scrolling Text Displays scrolling text including text messages and Twitter search feeds
PIXEL 8Ball Game Ask the Magic 8Ball on PIXEL
PIXEL Compliments Interactive Displays a complimentary message when someone comes close. This app uses PIXEL’s external proximity sensor. View app on PIXEL
PIXEL Touch Game Displays what you draw on your Android device’s touch screen to PIXEL

Raspberry Pi (also runs on BeagleBone Black and LINUX)

Option 1: Command Line/Console App
Option 2: GUI App, Download PIXEL for LINUX 4.0.0 (Experimental)
Option 3: Web Server & REST API (Experimental)

Raspberry Pi One Time Setup Instructions

PC Windows (Not supported)

PC Windows Version 4.0.0

Sorry, the PC Windows app is not officially supported. The best PIXEL experience is with the Android apps but you may try the PC Windows app if you don’t have an Android device. We have seen mixed results with the PIXEL windows applications working on some PCs but not others. Before running the PIXEL application, bluetooth pair from your PC to PIXEL using code: 0000.

PIXEL assembled frame users: ensure that the selected Model / LED Panel type is: Adafruit 32×32 from the “Settings” tab

PIXEL Command Line /Java Console App (USB Only)

For applications that require console or command line operation such as controlling PIXEL from a headless (no monitor or keyboard) Raspberry Pi. The command line app also works on Windows, Mac, and Linux and requires Java JRE 6 or higher.

PIXEL Console App 2.6 with Background Twitter Feed and Proximity Sensor Support

Raspberry Pi One Time Setup Instructions
BeagleBone Black Setup Instructions
Linux Setup Instructions

PIXEL Firmware Upgrader (PIXEL V2 and Above Only)

Note: The current firmware version is the same firmware that shipped with PIXEL V2: PIXL0008. There are no new firmware updates at this time.

PC Windows
Runnable JAR for Linux and Raspberry Pi

PIXEL’s app are open source and available on github

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