Open Gadgets LLC announces PIXEL, an interactive LED display for pixel art

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 Santa Clara, California – February 10, 2013  PIXEL is an LED based display for retro pixel art, an image that is drawn pixel by pixel just like it was done in the early days of computers and video games. A static image and/or an animation can be selected via free Android apps, and then is relayed over Bluetooth and displayed on PIXEL’s 32 x 32 RGB LED matrix.

To really showcase the possibilities, PIXEL’s creator commissioned some pixel artists, familiar to some of you through indie games, to create art images and animations just for PIXEL.  The end results are pretty impressive.  Take a look at to see some examples of animation on PIXEL.

The default build of PIXEL consists of a frame with 1,024 LEDs arranged in a 32 x 32 matrix, so it’s been designed to scale images or animations to 32 x 32.

PIXEL can also be used as a mirror when the LEDs are turned off. It also has a hidden proximity sensor, which the apps  can use to toggle or change the animation automatically.

There’s also a DIY kit version of PIXEL. And what’s really nice is the project requires zero soldering. You simply plug in the cables, load PIXEL’s apps on your Android device, and go.  The project documentation includes a step-by-step tutorial

PIXEL is open source and includes a full developer SDK.

Design & Features:
Dimensions: 15 inches wide x 15 inches tall x 1 ¾ inches thick
LED Panel: 1,024 RGB LEDs
Bluetooth: 4.0
Two-Way Acrylic Mirror
Power Supply: 5VDC , 4A
Open Source Hardware and Software
Frame Color: Black
Hidden IR Proximity Sensor
Supports still images, animations *, and interactive animations *
Android Devices Supported: 2.3.3 and Above

*An Android device must be actively Bluetooth connected for the animations and interactive animations. Still images can be set from the Android device and will remain after the Android device is turned off.

Suggested retail price: $299 USD

Open Gadgets LLC , based in Santa Clara, CA, is a company that designs and creates open source gadgets.


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