Legal Disclaimer: This is a proof of concept only and is not nor is intended to become a real product. If you live in the United States, most likely a rear window LED display is not legal in your State.


An Android device is receiving vehicle data over Bluetooth from an OpenXC Vehicle Interface plugged into the vehicle’s ODB port. The Android device is then using this data to display images to PIXEL: brake events, hard brake events, and multi-color bars proportional to the gas accelerator position. Also using voice commands from the Android device, various messages are sent to PIXEL.

Android App

Source code on Github








To use this app with real data and simulate smart brake light events and sound effects on your PIXEL at home (not in a moving vehicle).

1. Install the PIXEL Smart Brake Light Prototype app.

2. Install an app called the Ford OpenXC Enabler. This app runs as a service on your Android device and will simulate real driving data to the PIXEL smart brake light app.

3. Install a file manager in Android like the OI File Manager so the Enabler is able to browse for files on the SD card.

4. Copy this file to your SD card. Here are also some other simulated driving data files to try.

Finally, run the OpenXC Enabler app on the device and go to Settings -> Data Sources -> Trace File Playback, check the Playback trace file option and browse for the trace file you copied over.

5. Open the Enabler app, you’ll see a screen with increasing numbers which means the simulated data is working.

6. Bluetooth pair as normal to PIXEL and open the PIXEL Smart Brake Light app. PIXEL should now be displaying various simulated data events: brake light, rapid deceleration (exclamation point), and colored bars which correspond to the gas pedal accelerator. You’ll also hear various sound effects played on the Android device which are triggered by specific car events: high beams on, changing gears, doors open, and ignition on and off.

App Screen Shot


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