David Canavese is a San Jose, California based artist, his work can be found at otherlifeart.com

I met David at an art show and we decided to collaborate adapting his Wander print series of pixel art as scrolling animations on SUPER PIXEL.

In “Wander: Level 1,” our protagonist Jonny is going for a walk when an orange tabby decides to befriend him. When strange creatures start to appear at the corners of his vision, Jonny thinks it may be time to return home. The cat insists that he press onward…


In “Wander: Level 2,” our protagonist Jonny continues his journey at the insistence of his guide, an orange tabby cat. But strange creatures lurk, ready to attack unsuspecting passers-by. When Jonny leaps aboard a floating creature, where will it take him? Will he survive with only one hit point remaining?


In “Wander: Level 3,” Jonny wakes after having dropped over the edge of a high waterfall, caught at the last moment by a beam from a living spaceship, and deposited in an airlock within itself. Jonny begins to wander through the belly of the beast, which appears to have been designed to hold smaller creatures like himself. Computer terminals and screens connect to giant organs via fleshy umbilicals, and repair robots maintain the machinery. Finally, Jonny discovers that the living starship is no longer on earth — he and the Cat are now inadvertent interplanetary travelers!



In “Wander: Level 4”, Jonny and the cat quickly discover that an alien world is nowhere to be caught without at least a breath mask. Soon they encounter native life-forms, but manage to avoid being attacked–for now. Who constructed the pyramid-shaped building they encounter, and where are they now?



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