The PIXEL LED Art Frame is a nostalgically designed screen that displays your choice of animated, LED pixel art, giving you a place to view retro-flavored designs. It’s controlled via Bluetooth through an iOS or Android app, and features 1024 ultra-bright LEDs, creating an effective resolution of 32 by 32 pixels. PIXEL is also fully hackable, and includes a Raspberry Pi integration for Makers.

Your PIXEL comes pre-loaded with over 180 unique works of pixel art content, in collaboration with 12 pixel artists all over the world. You can also add your own pixel art LED designs – just use your favorite image editor or search the web for existing pixel art and then simply import the art into the apps. After that, PIXEL runs in stand-alone mode with no device connection necessary. But you can also leave your device connected and use PIXEL in interactive mode for things like scrolling text and text message notifications.

Product Details

— Warranty: 90 Days
— Includes 180+ Works Of Pixel Art From 12 Artists
— Apps For Android, iOS + Raspberry Pi
— Create + Upload Your Own Animated Gifs
— Wall Mounting Hole
— Included Desktop Stand
— Open Source Hardware + Software
— Dimensions: 8.5″ x 8.5″ x 1.75″
— Weight: 2lbs.

art1 art2 art3


pixelv2_dark_3_2 pixelv2_light_3_2
pixelv2_all_3_2 pixelv2_face_down_3_2
pixelv2_side_3_2 pixelv2_back_3_2
girl-32 monster-32
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