Control an LED matrix of 1,024 multi-color LEDs with your Android device , Windows PC, Mac (USB only), or Raspberry Pi (USB only). No soldering or coding required!

PIXEL Guts Quick Start Guide








If you are doing a custom PIXEL Guts installation involving mounting the LED panel to something, be sure and use the PIXEL Guts LED Panel Mounting Template. Mounting screws are included in the kit.

Included Parts Specs / Info
32×32 RGB LED Matrix 1024 RGB LEDs, 190mm x 190mm x 15mm (7.5″ x 7.5″ x 0.625″), 1400 cd/m2 brightness LEDs on a 6mm pitch, 1/16 scan rate, Data sheet (partly in Chinese)
PIXEL V2 Board 5 External Sensor PortsBoard Details
Bluetooth 4.0 Dongle Plug this dongle into the iOIOMint board’s USB port
Power Supply 110V to 240V power supply. Outputs 5VDC up to 4 Amps. Standard 2.1mm barrel jack connector. The power plug is the “two-prong style” for US/Canada/Japan so you’ll need to supply your own adapter for other countries.
Cables LED Matrix Data (IDC) and Power Cables


PIXEL Apps by OS – All Apps are Free!

Add the optional IR sensor (not included) to utilize the existing interactive applications.

See the “Custom Installations” section in the Gallery for some example projects using the PIXEL Guts kit.

pixel_panel_front pixel_board
pixel_panel_back pixel_power_supply
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