Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating content for the LED based PIXEL. These guidlines apply to both still images and animations.

Example Images that Display Well

Stay Away from Low Contrast Colors. Use a solid black background when possible. Black = LEDs off.

Low contrast colors (colors with a small difference between them) don’t display well.

Use Black Backgrounds

Use a black background for images that don’t take up the full 32×32 canvas. Images with white backgrounds won’t display well. Note that a PNG saved with a transparent background is the same as a black background.


Larger than 32×32 resolution

Images larger than 32px by 32px are ok. PIXEL’s apps will scale them to 32×32 on the fly. Just keep in mind images with high detail will not come out well.

Original Image: 380px by 308 px Not so good


Cropped to 197px by 187px Better


Original Image: 400px by 400 px
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