A smart phone controlled LED Art frame - Now on Amazon Prime

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  • Expandable with Sensors and Hackable

    Expandable with Sensors and Hackable

    Use PIXEL's SDK and write your own apps

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  • Professional Art Included

    Professional Art Included

    180+ unique pieces of work from 12 pixel artists

    Loop any GIF animation on PIXEL

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    A massive 4096 LED display with a 64x64 resolution

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  • LED Handbag

    LED Handbag

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  • Raspberry Pi Integration

    Raspberry Pi Integration

    iOT PIXEL with Raspberry Pi

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  • LED Platform for Makers

    LED Platform for Makers

    PIXEL Maker's Kit - Available at Seeedstudio

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Smart Phone (Android) Controllable LED Display for Art, Advertising, and Wearable Tech.

Check out our new LED Handbag, the CAT Clutch 

PIXEL’s ultra-bright LEDs gives you a place to view that retro-flavoured pixel art in a resolution of 32×32 or SUPER PIXEL’s 64×64.

PIXEL comes included with 180+ unique works of pixel art content via a collaboration with 12 pixel artists all over the world. And of course you can easily add your own pixel art too. The software and hardware created for PIXEL: LED ART are both open source and fully hackable using PIXEL’s software API.

Simply select the art from your Android and download to PIXEL. After that, PIXEL runs in stand alone mode with no device connection necessary. Or leave your device connected and use PIXEL in interactive mode for things like Twitter feeds, interactive animations using the optional proximity sensor, camera phone feeds, and on the fly pixel art creation.

Featured Pixel Artists on PIXEL

paul-mug Paul Robertson is a Melbourne-based artist who graduated from RMIT’s Media Arts in 2002. He has made several short films and worked on such games as Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, Adventure Time, Scribblenauts, Wizorb, Mercenary Kings and has animated for Disney and Adult Swim. He is inspired by video games, japanese animation, action movies, horror movies, demons, gods, maths, science, and the universe. Paul Robertson
king Jacob Giordano (King*Kaiju) is a freelance pixel artist, illustrator, and animator. With a love of pixel art and humor he started KingKaiju.com offering art, greeting cards, and other fun stuff. play_button_wide
valenbert-thumb Valenberg is a pixel artist and designer from Germany, working in different fields, such as animation, games and comics. He is also one of the founders of the Jet Plastic Comic-Anthology jetplastic.net play_button_wide
hermippe-thumb Hermippe is a pixel artist, illustrator, and circuit bender from Japan. play_button_wide
dan Dan Farrimond (Illarterate) is a multimedia artist from the United Kingdom. A professional teletext designer, his work has been exhibited in such diverse locations as Germany, Finland and New Zealand on television sets, computer monitors and mobile gaming devices. play_button_wide
argyle Carl Douglas (Argyle) is a freelance digital art-slinger based out of Ohio, USA. Carl loves his job more than any artistic crustacean that the world has ever known. play_button_wide
david_canavese_mug David Canavese is a sculpture and pixel artist from San Jose, California. play_button_wide
pixelpiledriver Kirk Barnett (Pixel PileDriver) is a programmer and artist based out of Seattle, USA. Attending the Digipen Institute of technology he studied Art Production, Real-time Simulation Programming, and lots of math. Currently he is an indie game developer and co-founder of BlockLight.


kyu Fernando Cristi (Kyu) is a graphic designer & game artist. He enjoys video game development and
works as a freelance artist living in Santiago, Chile.


atnas Clement Swennes (Atnas) is a freelance artist and animator living in Philadelphia, USA. He’s a hobbyist programmer and designer.


DaLK Bertrand Dupuy (DaLK) is a pixel artist and video game designer from France. He has developed games for the Gameboy consoles and most recently Nintendo DS and mobile devices. play_button_wide
metaru Francisco Cifuentes (Metaru) is based out of Chile and has been involved in the pixel art medium for a decade, working on a diversity of media ranging from video games to music videos,  as well as taking on community roles such as deviantART’s Gallery Director.


In the Box




  • 1,024 RGB LEDs (32×32) for PIXEL and 4,096 RGB LEDs for SUPER PIXEL
  • Includes a desktop stand and is also wall mountable
  • Included microSD card for local storage and operation
  • Free Apps for Android, PCs, and Raspberry Pi
  • Interchangeable front overlays to customize the lighting effect
  • 180+ unique works of pixel art from 12 leading pixel artists
  • Support png, jpg, and animated gif file formats

PIXEL was a successfully funded Kickstarter project. A big thanks to all of our KickStarter backers, you made PIXEL happen.  

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